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Plane esotericism, a state, level or region of reality. Plan mythology, an ancient Greek goddess. Plane tool, a tool for shaping wood. Plane wherry, a Norfolk boat 19311949. All pages with titles beginning with Plane. All pages with titles containing Plane.
Plane crashes into office block in Malta after veering off runway in strong winds London Evening Standard Evening Standard.
The plane was blown by strong winds from the airport runway in Luqa, Malta. It seems that the security cables and brake holding the plane broke off and the plane was blown off from where it was parked, into a street before crashing into a building belonging to Polidano Group situated opposite the runway, said Jean Paul Sammut from Polidano Group, Global News reported.
Plane geometry - Wikipedia.
For a plane Π: a x b y c z d 0 displaystyle Pi axbyczd0: and a point p 1 x 1, y 1, z 1 displaystyle boldsymbol p _ 1 x_ 1 y_ 1 z_ 1, not necessarily lying on the plane, the shortest distance from p 1 displaystyle boldsymbol p _ 1 to the plane is.
plane Wiktionary.
computing, Unicode Any of 17 designated ranges of 2 16 65536, sequential code points each. mathematics: real plane, complex plane. anatomy: coronal plane, frontal plane, sagittal plane, transverse plane. control surface: diving plane. Unicode: BMP, PUP, SIP, SMP, SPUA, SSP, supplementary plane, TIP.
PLANE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a plane for/to/from sth I'll' get the next plane to London. on/in a plane He's' on a plane at the moment, on his way to Chicago. a plane leaves/takes off/lands The plane leaves in 45 minutes. miss/catch/get a plane If you don't' hurry, you'll' miss your plane.
Plane Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
b: an imaginary plane used to identify parts of the body or a part of the skull - see frankfort horizontal plane, midsagittal plane. 2: a stage in surgical anesthesia a light plane of anesthesia is maintained with cyclopropane - Journal of the American Medical Association.
BBC NEWS UK Magazine How to survive a plane crash.
They also so that the back of the plane is generally safer and that is where the black box is usually located. JT, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. When black box flight recorders were invented it was hailed as the beginning of the end for plane crashes.

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